Welcome to the Malta International Choir Festival 2015 


THE MALTA INTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL, was organised by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority, between October 29 and November 1 2015. This year's festival brought yet another very rewarding experience for all participating choirs. There were both competitive as well as non-competitive musical activities which met every choir's preferences.  The Festival just came to its end and we are already looking forward to hosting the next edition.


The winning competitions for each category were as follows:


Secular 1 - The Mixed Choir of the European Capital of Culture (Estonia) - Conductor Veronika Portsmuth



Secular 2 - Chantage (UK) - Conductor James Davey

Sacred 2 - Chantage (UK) - Conductor James Davey


 Sacred 1 - Tallinn Boys Choir (Estonia) - Conductor Lydia Rahula


Sacred 3 - Mulierum Schola Gregoriana Clamaverunt Iusti (Poland) - Conductor Michal Slawecki



This festival's highlight was an hour, uninterrupted, performance from the internationally acclaimed "National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain" conducted by Ben Parry. Which was presented to our guests as "The Grand Concert".